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Cutting-edge, Tech-enabled Infrastructure

Cutting-edge, Tech-enabled Infrastructure

Crowdfunder, the UK’s #1 crowdfunding platform is in Cornwall. Goonhilly Earth Station, the UK’s gateway to space, heart of commercial satellite and private sector deep space communications is also in Cornwall. CleanGrow, future-proofing farming by developing front line data driven technology, is in Cornwall too. This is just a snapshot of the cutting-edge innovation embedded in the region, enabled by the superfast connectivity that’s providing businesses in Cornwall with a truly global reach.

It’s why King’s College London, one of the world’s leading universities, located their IT services here. King’s Service Centre’s innovative and forwarding thinking tech team brings highly skilled IT employment opportunities, staff training and development, as well as Graduate and Apprenticeship schemes to Cornwall. The centre recruits locally and takes advantage of the regions highly skilled workforce and the continued investment in Cornwall’s Superfast broadband network. 

Launchpad, a bespoke innovative, incubation programme designed by Falmouth University puts talented graduates through an MA in Entrepreneurship whilst helping them develop business opportunities in Cornwall with industry partners including BBC Worldwide, Goonhilly Earth Station, Hitachi and Amazon Web Services. Alongside this, to support their ongoing growth, Cornwall College has also established an ‘I Am Digital’ initiative in partnership with Bluefruit Software, enabling students to earn a Technical Baccalaureate whilst getting hands-on experience on live projects.

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These business incubators and partnerships between industry and education are sowing the seeds for cutting-edge start-ups to flourish. The Tech Nation 2017 report, showcased a growth in Cornwall’s tech sector including 22 new start-ups that year, creating 1,380 new jobs.  With attractive starting salaries and a 79% business growth potential, current start-ups contribute an additional £39m in digital gross value added (GVA) to the economy.

To connect, promote and encourage this growth, the tech industry led the establishment of Software Cornwall. This open, vibrant community of local tech businesses, education providers and support organisations makes it simple for tech businesses to work collaboratively, push the boundaries and stimulate career development by sharing cutting-edge research, skills and best practice enabling faster development of projects and ideas.   

Cornwall is also at the forefront of the health technology revolution. Microtest – a leading provider of digital patient record systems, based in Bodmin, are just one of a cluster of businesses utilising Cornwall’s world-class digital infrastructure to improve the health and well-being of the population, whilst increasing efficiencies and cutting costs. LumiraDX Care Solutions are also having a huge impact on the health technology industry with the development of industry leading solutions. In addition, Ultramed has capitalised on the medical expertise of its founder to revolutionise pre-operative assessments.

Cornwall is committed to inspiring the next generation’s exploration, enjoyment and involvement in STEAM careers including playing host to a unique, high-tech global Engineering Adventure, The Bloodhound Project. Cornwall Airport Newquay’s long runway was the site chosen by the Project for trials of the Supersonic Car which aims to break the 1,000mph World Land Speed Record.  Showcasing its capacity for managing the logistics of multiple uses, the airport hosted a month of testing, culminating in final high-speed trials witnessed by 10,000 fans and 3,500 school children from across the region, without any disruption of its busy passenger flight schedules. The regions businesses also establish innovative ways of developing talent when international skills shortages arise, from forging relationships with local government and educational organisations, through to developing their own talent in-house – skills development is at the forefront of Cornwall’s agenda.

As a coastal region, Cornwall’s potential is not just on land.  Offshore there are some of the best conditions in Europe for developing tidal and wind energy technologies.  Wave Hub, based in Hayle, offers open sea test sites for the latest wind and tidal energy devices and FaBTest, an award-winning nursery site for testing marine renewable energy devices, is based in Falmouth Bay benefitting from the extensive port infrastructure.

Cornwall’s ecosytem is underpinned by technology, allowing the growth and development of six distinct sectors. Each of the six sectors – HealthTech, MarineTech, SpaceTech, AgriTech, CreativeTech and Aerospace – provide their own tapestry of assets and facilities, as well as access to highly skilled, connected supply chains.  The open, collaborative community spans the whole of Cornwall’s economy, connecting Cornwall’s tech industries to each other and to international research, development and innovation opportunities. Any businesses looking to establish a presence in Cornwall will be part of a world class infrastructure, have access to highly skilled talent and reap the benefits of a rapidly growing economy, immediately.

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