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Find out why Cornwall is a great destination for tech businesses

Working from wherever you like, whenever suits you best. As recently as a decade ago it felt like an impossible dream reserved for the partially-retired or ultra-successful entrepreneurs.

Today however, it’s the reality for a huge number of people. Empowered by flexible technology and digital collaboration tools, a massive volume of digital jobs can now be effectively completed from anywhere – giving a new generation of digital innovators the freedom to live and work wherever suits them. For rural areas like Cornwall with an enjoyable pace of life and beautiful surroundings, this has been a huge advantage. For today’s best digital and creative talent, the traditional ‘pull to the city’ simply isn’t as strong as it used to be – in fact, we’re starting to see signs of a pull away from it.

Here are five big reasons why…

1. The robust connectivity infrastructure

Fundamentally, for tech businesses to work somewhere effectively, that place needs to have the right digital infrastructure to support the work they do. Typically, that means enabling the fast transfer of large files, and supporting high-bandwidth applications such as video conferencing through high-speed broadband connectivity.

Over 95% of Cornwall is covered by superfast broadband connectivity, offering speeds of up to 330mbps, making it the world’s largest rural fibre broadband network. The development of this network has been a huge boon for the region, and has truly been the foundation upon which Cornwall’s burgeoning digital sector is growing today.

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2.  The ability to choose your own pace of life

Flexible working means being able to do things on your own terms, when you work best. In Cornwall, people from all walks of life find the space to live and work at a pace that suits them. It’s fast and engaging when you want it to be, and relaxed and restorative when you don’t.

It’s all about having the freedom and flexibility to work in an environment that helps you be your best, wherever and whenever that may be. With a rich art history, it’s easy to see why so many great creative thinkers have chosen Cornwall as the place to make great work happen for decades.


3. Becoming part of a burgeoning digital hub

Cornwall is home to the UK’s third-fastest growing tech cluster, and thanks to a rising number of digital start-ups, a community of high-growth tech businesses and three universities creating valuable digital and creative skills in the region, it’s becoming a major hub for digital innovation.

This expanding space is rapidly becoming part of Cornwall’s identity. There’s a spirit of creativity and community here that’s attracting the kind of people that want to create and grow sustainably. It’s exciting to be a part of a growing, collaborative community, one of the big reasons why so many digital innovators and growing tech businesses are putting down roots in the region today.

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4. A lower cost and higher quality of living than the city

Gone are the days of having to make your fortune in the city and then move away to enjoy more serene surroundings. With the freedom to work from anywhere, a place like Cornwall can be your starting point, not your ultimate destination.

Not only are digital natives enjoying a higher quality of life, life can also prove to be a lot more affordable – making Cornwall a very viable place to start or grow your own business, especially when compared with more urbanised areas.

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5. Beautiful spaces to enjoy in your downtime (or uptime)

Whenever your working day begins or ends, it’s nice to be able to fill your free time with fulfilling and revitalising sights, sounds, and activities. With hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline and countryside to explore and enjoy, Cornwall provides all kinds of people with the inspiration they need to create amazing things.

Whether you’re escaping the stress of a challenging task, or formulating an entirely new project, having the time to breathe in Cornwall’s relaxing environment can make a huge difference to your typical working day.

If you are interested in exploring all that Cornwall can offer you and your business please get in touch today.

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