Meet the Harley Street Practice with a 2nd location in Cornwall

5th February, 2019

London Pain Clinic: remote admin support for the UK’s leading pain consultants

One healthcare business already benefiting from a second location in Cornwall is London Pain Clinic. This Harley Street clinic is home to some of the UK’s leading pain medicine consultants, who manage chronic pain for patients across Europe, the UK and the world.

That expertise is in high demand, leading to an increase not only in clinical staff, but also in the back-office operations that support their work. But while its consultants have to be in London to meet face to face with patients, the company identified that many of its support operations did not have to be physically co-located with them to be effective.

 A new approach to administrative support

“The medical team work directly out of Harley Street, but the administration – including practice management, medical secretaries, administration, customer services and marketing – is all done remotely,” says Janice Rose, Managing Director at London Pain Clinic. “We’ve expanded the business into Cornwall with the aim of growing a team here to help sustain and drive the business forward.”

London Pain Clinic

While one reason for that model is to avoid what Janice calls “the cost-prohibitive nature of having office space in central London”, she’s keen to stress that lower overheads are far from the only reason for locating the clinic’s support functions in Cornwall.  “When I was looking into setting up in Cornwall, I was actually surprised by how many benefits the county has to offer – including some I hadn’t expected,” she says.

A community of like-minded people

One of those things is the ability to tap into the knowledge and expertise of other businesses. London Pain Clinic has set up its operation in a new development, Mor Workspace in Newquay. Here, the space has been specifically designed to foster collaboration between tenants, with co-working spaces and special events that make it easy to connect and network with others.

“We’ve been able to integrate with a ‘ready-made’ community of like-minded people,” says Janice. “That provides countless opportunities to bounce ideas around, and the ability to collaborate with other local businesses and take advantage of the skills and expertise in the region.”

Connectivity and talent make Cornwall an attractive location for healthcare businesses

London Pain Clinic has also been able to take advantage of Cornwall’s broadband connectivity and extensive transport links. “I frequently travel to London to meet with the medical team, and Cornwall Airport Newquay is perfect for that. There are three flights a day to Gatwick, and the commute from Newquay to Harley Street only takes an hour and a half, door to door.”

flight taking off

“We also benefit from the superfast broadband on a daily basis – it was a huge draw in attracting the business to the region, as it allows us to easily engage with clients in the UK and overseas.”

Janice has also been impressed by the quality of the workforce in Cornwall. The region is home to a fast-growing community of businesses that are operating at the cutting edge of healthcare, from software startups to medical device manufacturers, and Cornwall’s collaborative culture means that knowledge, skills and expertise are continuously shared and augmented.

“There’s no shortage of talent here,” Janice says. “We have huge ambitions for the future, and we’re excited about being able to grow the team in this location.”

Find out more about locating your business in Cornwall

Businesses like London Pain Clinic are expanding operations into Cornwall every day. To learn more about what Cornwall has to offer, or to enquire about help with your own business, contact the Cornwall Trade and Investment team.

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