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People in wetsuits with surfboards on the beach.

Find out why the UK’s leading crowdfunding website loves being in Cornwall

Crowdfunder is the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform and a real Cornish success story. The company, which now employs 30 staff, has raised more than £50 million for more than 16,000 projects across the country. The company’s mission is to ‘change the world by making good ideas a reality’. Crowdfunder is achieving all of this from a converted surf shop in Newquay. Surfing at lunchtime or before work is part of the company’s DNA and signature. Executive chairman Rob Love, told Cornwall Trade & Investment, how surfing helps Crowdfunder and its staff be even better at what they do.

“We have an ambition to not just be really big in Cornwall or compete with London; we are working to be the best in the world at what we do. There’s a tendency when you’re outside of the bigger cities to think small, when what’s needed is to be ambitious and think globally – those are the key drivers in our success.”

Surfers at the beach

“Cornwall is full of innovators and creative thinkers. It attracts those kinds of people, they’re slightly different. It sets us apart because we’re not treading the normal trail but choosing to work down here so that’s a big advantage and I believe it’s a fundamental key. I think the places in the world that tend to be on the edge physically, are also the places where you get good ideas. Not only that but historically there were fewer opportunities in Cornwall than say London so everyone naturally has to be more creative to make it work.”

“Cornwall’s more connected than it’s ever been; the broadband is good and if we can surf in our lunch break, that’s all the better”

Crowdfunding is still disrupting the finance market with its innovative ideas and is becoming the first place projects turn to when they want to validate an idea or get the initial funds they need to make their idea happen – before they go to the banks asking for cash. Dawn Bébe said: “As a high growth innovation business, Crowdfunder is still disrupting, especially in the fund distribution market, where we are providing new ways for partners to support projects they care about. Projects that work best on Crowdfunder are ideas for the community, supported by the community. It’s a great way of validating an idea and getting some initial support.”

Surfer going to the sea

Crowdfunder is also a place where staff are actively encouraged to don a wetsuit at lunchtime and go surfing. The idea is about ensuring staff have the space to think and are able to be more efficient and better at their job.

“Everyone surfs here. When it’s good we will surf before work, during lunchtime and after work. It’s about making the most of where we are and empowering our team with the flexibility to do that and make up the time. We work incredibly hard so it’s vital to have a workforce that is happy and motivated.”

This is so engrained in the company culture that a picture of Rob Love in a wetsuit and a surfboard under his arm has been used by Cornwall Trade & Investment to promote the region as a great place to do business in train stations all the way to London.

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