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Prow Park Newquay

Workspace spotlight: Prow Park

 A closer look at Newquay’s thriving business community 

Whether it’s the promise of a comfortable work-life balance, or the draw of the region’s innovative spirit, there are many different reasons why businesses choose Cornwall. And with exciting new workspaces like Prow Park springing up across the county, the list just keeps growing. 

Based in the centre of Newquay, Prow Park hosts some of Cornwall’s most forward-thinking companies, spanning every industry from finance and SEO marketing to sustainable product design and creative advertising. 

But it’s more than just a workspace. Prow Park’s founders have created a collaborative community and culture for businesses to grow in – with all the facilities they need to perform at their best. 

What’s on offer at Prow Park? 

Prow Park has everything you’d expect from a modern workspace rental, with purpose-built conference rooms, superfast broadband, accessible parking and out-of-hours security. But the business park really stands out when you start to explore the additional services and support its team offers. 

The concept was brought to life by some of Cornwall’s leading business minds, who are always on-hand to offer startup support, help establish funding connections and give business advice to any entrepreneurs looking for a helping hand. Paired with on-site capacity for marketing, design, promotion and branding, the park provides new businesses with an ideal environment to grow their ideas – and existing businesses with the resources they need to grow further. 

Thanks to the park’s diverse variety of workspaces, it’s suitable for a wide range of companies too. Prow Park offers purpose-built warehouses, flexible-term office suites, modern workshops and studios, and flexible hot desks, which means any business – from industrial manufacturers to creative market agencies – can find a home there. 

While newly-developed, the park already has more than its fair share of success stories to celebrate – and few stand out more than sustainable fashion company Waterhaul. 

Finding a location that matches company ethos 

Waterhaul’s business and operating model is built around sustainability – turning unwanted, harmful raw materials like used fishing nets into fashionable, high-performance sunglasses. With such a strong focus on his company’s environmental impact, Waterhaul’s CEO and founder Harry Dennis wanted to find a location that was both close to the source of those raw materials, and matched the company’s values. 

Prow Park was the ideal choice, located just a few miles from dozens of beaches, and holding a strong identity based on supporting local startups and sustainability-focused projects. The entire business park evolved out of shipping containers, which were recycled and renovated to create a series of office and retail units over the ground and first floor – making it a practical and sustainable workspace solution for Waterhaul. 

“Newquay is a great place to find likeminded people who are interested in making a difference and passionate about marine conservation,” explained Harry. “When I viewed Prow Park, the owners introduced me to multiple tenants who might be able to help my business. By the end of our viewing, I was already connected with a new source for my raw materials, and a marketing partner to help grow Waterhaul’s sales and brand awareness online.” 

Explore Prow Park for yourself 

If you think your business could thrive in Prow Park, or if you’re just looking to find out more about the innovative workspace, visit the website or get in touch with the park’s founders to find out more. 

And if you’d like to explore more unique workspaces in Cornwall, speak to our team today – we’d love to help you find your perfect location. 

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