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Department for International Trade’s Export Academy

The Export Academy, from the Department for International Trade (DIT), gives small and micro-businesses the know-how to sell to customers around the world with confidence.

It’s aimed at a wide range of businesses – they could be selling children’s clothes to Spain online, or providing PR services to a new client in the US. Whether a business wants to start exporting, or is aiming to enter new markets, we’ll help them overcome many of the common challenges that small businesses can face.

This pilot programme is designed for owners and senior managers of businesses. To qualify businesses must:

Due to the pandemic, the Export Academy will temporarily be delivered online, and will feature educational events, independent learning, networking and group mentoring. Businesses will leave the course with a completed export action plan that could help take their business to international customers.

The  3rd series of the programme will commence on 2nd February.

With subsequent series across the next few weeks. Series 4 will commence on 16th February, series 5 will commence on 1st March and series 6 will commence on 18th March.

The modules include every stage of the entire exporter’s journey. Businesses can sign up at any time in advance of the course and may register to attend across different series if they miss a particular module.

Module 1 – Understanding the Benefits and Barriers of Export

Module 2 – International Market Research

Module 3 – Steps to Export

Module 4 – Pricing Strategy and Routes to Market

Module 5 – Understanding Customs Procedures and Tariffs

Module 6 – Selling Services Overseas (Part 1)

Module 7 – Understanding International Commercial Terms

Module 8 – Selling Services Overseas (Part 2)

Module 9 – Export Controls

Module 10 – Movement of Money (Getting Paid)

If you want to find out more and sign up for these free workshops visit DIT’s website here.

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