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Radix Communications – How to create effective B2B content

As part of our guest series, we asked B2B copywriters Radix Communications for advice on creating content that resonates with clients and stands out in the market.

Radix Communications is a B2B technology copywriting agency that serves clients worldwide, including brands like Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and Nuance.

For more than a decade, Radix has operated on the ethos that you don’t need to be in the city to be at the centre of your industry. The company has grown year after year in its waterfront office in Penryn, now operating with 20 people under the new management of David McGuire and Sophie Reynolds.

Radix produces all types of content across the marketing spectrum, from blog posts and email nurture campaigns to video scripts and eBooks – and its team has a keen eye for what content works, and what doesn’t.

That’s why we invited Radix’s copywriters to offer their advice for brands looking to create B2B content that resonates with clients across the world and generates results – whether it’s your first piece of content, or you’re looking to freshen up your marketing activity.

#1 Identify the purpose of your content

Before you start creating content, you need to define what its value is to your business, and your audience.

Some content is designed solely to convert readers into prospects, while other content aims to raise your profile and show your company’s expertise on a specific subject. And sometimes, it might just be sharing a new perspective on a current news topic.

Ultimately, if you’ve got a specific purpose in mind, it’ll be easier to tailor your content to your goals and generate the results you’re trying to achieve.

#2 Target a smaller audience

If you try and speak to everybody, you’ll often end up speaking to nobody. Instead, identify the audience you’re trying to reach and tailor your content to them.

That means researching their industry, the challenges they face, and solutions they need. If you can create content that empathises with their pain points and offers genuine value to their business, you’re much more likely to generate interest in your brand.

After all, it’s not just about attracting traffic to your website – it’s about attracting the right traffic. It might feel risky, but there’s a good chance it’ll pay off.

Radix Communications Office

#3 Cut the jargon, keep it simple

If you work in a complex industry, it can be incredibly difficult to write about your business with clarity, and incredibly easy to fall back on industry jargon. But great B2B content should be clear, understandable, and engaging – however complicated the topic.

The key to striking the right balance is understanding what your target audience will already know, and what you’ll need to explain. A good test is to imagine reading your content aloud to the most ‘science-y’ person you know. Would they understand it? Would they be interested? And would they find anything patronising? You can use their expected reaction as a guideline.

It’s also important to remember that not all jargon is bad, either. If it’s technical jargon that both you and your audience will understand, it’ll help you show your expertise. But if it’s overly formal language, there’s almost always a simpler way to get your message across.

#4 Original research will help you stand out

No matter your industry, there’s so much B2B content out there already – so, if you can say something original, you’re off to a good start. From experience, we’ve found that content involving original research is an easy way to generate interest from your target audience and deliver insights they’re genuinely interested in.

Find out what your audience wants to know, and what nobody else has answered. You’ll identify what your research needs to solve, and how you can solve it – whether it involves conducting surveys, interviewing subject matter experts, or researching existing content.

It’s not always a quick process, but once completed, you’ll have a valuable resource you can slice and dice into multiple assets to generate interest, such as blog posts, eBooks, social posts, and emails.

Looking for more advice?

Creating consistent, valuable content for your audience isn’t an easy task – but we’ve got plenty more advice available on our blog. And if you’re ever unsure on whether your content is hitting the mark, feel free to use our 15-point checklist for great B2B content.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Twitter @radixcom, or find us on LinkedIn.

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