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Three Cornish businesses attending the worlds leading startup event

This week we’ll be attending Slush – the worlds leading startup event – in Helsinki, Finland, alongside three Cornish companies.

The sold-out event, taking place on 1st & 2nd December, will provide an opportunity for the businesses to meet with peers, investors, and potential customers whilst exploring the latest in tech, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.  

Meet the Cornish businesses attending Slush:

Touchbyte – Face Recognition

Jeremy has been in IT all of his career with the last 10 years being at the forefront of Face Recognition applications. Initially with systems used by the Police and Border / Passport control but more recently with practical business / commercial solutions. After various leadership roles in large global enterprises such as Fujitsu, GE and NEC he founded TouchByte a Cornish Software company to build cool leading-edge applications. We unlock our phone with our face why not our house our car or office? Touchbyte’s current focus is providing contactless solutions to “Access to a SPACE with your FACE”. Health has become a priority focus as keys, key safes, fingerprint and codes have all become possible points of transmission of Covid.

Evident – The future of digital intelligence

Evident is a human-centered digital innovation company, shaping digital transformation solutions for the world’s most pioneering companies – they solve problems and elevate businesses through technology and design thinking.

Through tried and tested processes, Evident has created digital transformation for some of the biggest companies and industries in the world. 


Viewr is a 3D Visualisation software product delivered via a Software As A Service (SaaS) model which automates the creation, hosting and deployment of real-time rendered visualisations.

The Problem that Viewr solves

3D Visualisation forms a crucial part of the design, construction, and management of the world around us by conveying ideas, designs, and finished products to stakeholders and customers. Whilst 3D Visualisation brings proven benefits, it requires a significant financial investment and hundreds of man-hours to deliver and maintain. Ultimately, this leads to reduced profit margins, wasted time, and final designs of spaces, places, products, and services that fail to meet the needs of end-users.

How Viewr solves this problem

Viewr dramatically lowers the entry point to 3D Visualisation, through an automated, cost-effective, and easy-to-adopt software product, enabling more people and organisations to adopt and leverage the technology. For those already using 3D Visualisation technology, Viewr offers a solution that is hundreds of times faster and more cost-effective compared to current solutions. Ultimately, Viewr reduces the turnaround time of visualisation from days or weeks to seconds, and places the technology directly into the hands of end-users with no prior experience of 3D Visualisation necessary.

If you’re attending Slush and would like to meet our team or any of the businesses featured above, please get in touch via

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