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Cornwall’s Mining Sector on show in Canada


Join Cornwall at PDAC as we collaborate across the public and private sectors to spotlight why the Department for Business and Trade has chosen Cornwall as a 'High Potential Opportunity' in Mining. Explore our efforts in building a world-leading cluster through an engaging panel discussion featuring key businesses and sector support agencies.

Meet the people from Cornwall attending PDAC 2024, Cornwall is exhibiting on stand 7031N if you want to visit us.

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Key metals and minerals are needed to deliver the technology for the UK’s transition to clean energy, and Cornwall offers significant potential to provide them. As the demand for clean energy technologies continues to grow, the requirement for minerals such as lithium and cobalt could increase by nearly 500%, by 2050. Cornwall has a long and successful history of mining over the last 4000 years, and today it is thriving once again, with over 110+ mining companies, 155 countries serviced via exports and 130 metals and minerals.


3DMSI produce high accuracy outputs using 3D surveying technology to build as-built and natural environmental models to quantify and manage risk. They have led the way in applying this approach across a diverse range of sectors from built to natural environments. A sector which they know well and specialise in, is the international mining industry. 3DMSI already has extensive skills and work experience in this sector, including underground survey work in sinking shafts, declines and haulage ways and different mining methods such as room & pillar, longwall stoping and block caving etc. The scale of projects they have worked on extends from small, abandoned mines up to pioneering work in the deepest gold mine in the world. Their experience embraces open cast mines, as well as underground, measuring whole pit environments and advancing benches.

South Crofty Mine Tunnel


petrolab team

Petrolab has been operating for over 20 years analysing the content of rocks, minerals, ores, aggregates and concrete from all over the world. They specialise in automated mineralogy, including ore characterisation, geometallurgy, gold deportment studies, routine plant monitoring and auditing. They also run the only commercial installation of a Zeiss Mineralogic mining platform in the UK, this state-of-the-art system allows their clients access to the most powerful mineral characterisation tool on the market.

KMO Fleet

KMO-Fleet is an innovative mining technology company specialising in the optimisation of mobile mining fleets. The system has been developed to work independently of extensive WiFi networks and complicated infrastructure. In addition, it has been designed to work in GPS denied environments opening up the underground sector. The solution has artificial intelligence at its core and is designed to be low-cost while delivering many of the benefits of expensive systems. The ethos of KMO-Fleet is to generate a solution that can be installed easily by the operator and let the operation control the generated data. KMO-Fleet is a spin out of Camborne School of Mines and designed by mining engineers to deliver value to the extractive industry.

Gravity Mining

Gravity Mining machine and man

The home of the original Richard Mozley Multi Gravity Separator (MGS); a machine that is unsurpassed when it comes to fine mineral gravity concentration. Product development and solid engineering design are central to Gravity Mining’s business strategy and they continue to build on Richard’s original design to improve performance and reduce costs. Innovative new products like the PureSelect scraper system have significantly improved material grades and recovery, while significantly increasing machine capacity. Based in the historic hard rock mining centre of Cornwall, in the far SW of England, they are 100% export focused, with established dealers in many mining centres around the world to provide local support. MGS machines have traditionally excelled in Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum applications, but more applications are continually being developed in Chromite, Barytes, Waste Recycling and many other applications where fine gravity separation is required. Recovery of fine Free Gold is an underdeveloped opportunity for the MGS and is a focused area of growth for them.


Founded in 2023, MineSmart is an emerging innovator developing cutting-edge technologies to optimize and transform mining operations worldwide.

Their vision is to transform mining through intelligence, automation, and sustainability. They aim to reduce emissions and costs while increasing safety.

Through their strategic partnership with Paterson & Cooke, they are positioned to leverage intelligent technologies and industry expertise to make mining safer, more sustainable, and productive.

mining samples glowing green

Cornwall Trade and Investment

CTI team, four people sitting on a wall

Cornwall Trade and Investment (CTI) exists to promote Cornwall as a unique, thriving business destination – and drive the region’s continued success. This means helping local businesses to seize national and international opportunities, and supporting incoming businesses to set up home in Cornwall, and to flourish.

CTI is funded by Cornwall Council and the Shared Prosperity Fund. This allows them to provide their bespoke service to high growth businesses free of charge.

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) has designated Cornwall as having a ‘High Potential Opportunity’ in Mining, and CTI is working closely with DBT to support those looking to invest in the region and make the most of the opportunities on offer.

CTI is also launching a pilot Diaspora Network at PDAC this year, creating connections for Cornwall’s business community. Find out more here.

Geo-Resources Strategic Sector Strengthening Project

The Geo-Resources Strategic Sector Strengthening project has been awarded Shared Prosperity Funding to support and contribute to the provisioning of the geo-resources (with a spotlight on critical minerals) and materials required for the energy transition and sustainable development. The project aims to enable the growth of a self-sustaining cluster body, which will coordinate activities to support the development of a thriving and resilient Geo-Resources Sector that is a global-leader in sustainable and responsible geo-resources management.

Miner in South Wheal Crofty

Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter

CSM at Exeter Univeristy

Camborne School of Mines is a world-class combined geoscience and mining department, tackling some of the world’s most important environmental challenges. They provide an exciting and diverse mix of degrees and professional training, taking students from the classroom to the laboratory and into the field. Their staff conduct research into a range of globally significant areas, including climate change, environmental management and remediation, volcanology, mineral deposits and critical raw materials, fossils, smart mine design, and sustainable and intelligent mining. They have a long history of successful partnerships with national and international companies, playing a vital role by providing innovative solutions to global environmental, natural resource, and energy issues.

Cornwall Mining Alliance

With 100+ members, the Cornwall Mining Alliance brings together many of our local mining services businesses. Its members currently provide services related to 130 different metals and minerals, to clients in 150+ countries. Today the region is home to a unique concentration of innovative businesses, organisations and experienced professionals providing services to all aspects of mining and related industries in the UK and around the world. The Cornwall Mining Alliance connects these experts and provides the right people for the job. 

map of cornwall

Cornish Chamber of Mines and Minerals

sample of mineral

The Cornish Chamber of Mines and Minerals is charged with advancing, promoting, encouraging and protecting the mining and mineral interests of Cornwall and Devon. Key services provided by the Cornish Chamber of Mines & Minerals are to; Assist and enhance co-operation between mineral developers and experts, Promote responsible exploration and sustainable development of mineral deposits, Help in identification of mineral ownership and historical records, Enhance the approach to mine sites and mineral interests within the land planning and development processes, Aid governance and awareness of our mining heritage, landscapes and geological assets, Provide a sign-posting service to link local experts and channel resources to projects in the southwest and further afield, Support and promote its sister organisation, the Cornwall Mining Alliance, in its marketing of local expertise, development of collaboration among members and promotion of access to export opportunities.

Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium is a highly innovative mineral exploration and development company focused on the environmentally sustainable extraction of lithium from geothermal brines in the historic mining district of Cornwall, UK. The company has secured agreements with the owners of mineral rights over a large area of the County and is using modern technology to re-evaluate the region for lithium and other vital battery metals such as tin, copper and cobalt. A secure domestic supply of such metals is considered vital to the industrial strategy of the UK as it moves towards the production of electric vehicles.

cornish lithium workers, with logo'd van in background

Wardell Armstrong International (WAI)

Wardell armstrong logo

WAI is a full-service, global, technical mining, metallurgical and ESG consultancy, supporting projects from greenfield exploration through to steady-state production and beyond. Their clients include mining companies, exploration companies, financial institutions, public sector organisations and government bodies. Their services include:

  • Expert Reports and Due Diligence;
  • Technical Studies (scoping, prefeasibility, feasibility);
  • Geology, Exploration and Mineral Resources;
  • Geotechnical Studies (rock mechanics, soil mechanics);
  • Water Resource Management;
  • Ore Reserves;
  • Mine Design and Engineering;
  • Minerals Engineering (metallurgical testing, comminution testing, pilot plant testing, analytical services);
  • Mine Waste Management (tailings, heap leach, waste piles, underground backfill);
  • Power and Water Supply;
  • Transportation, Access and Associated Infrastructure;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment;
  • ESG Strategy and Reporting; and
  • Mine Closure and Rehabilitation.

Paterson and Cooke

Paterson & Cooke has more than thirty years of industry experience and expertise in slurry pipeline systems, tailings and mine waste handling, mine backfill, dredging and sub-sea systems, and mineral processing, with experience in detailed engineering and the execution of multi-disciplinary projects. With nine offices across five continents, their global team continues to expand and grow. They currently have offices in Australia, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Six of these offices have their own testing laboratories – these are in Australia, Canada, Chile, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

microscope looking at mineral processing

Global Mine Design

woman at computer microscope with three screens

Global Mine Design Ltd (GMD) is a team of talented engineers and geoscientists who specialise in using geoscience data (e.g., geotechnical mapping, deformation measurements, quantitative seismology) with professional design and analytical software to optimise mine layouts and planning schedules. Their measured approach results in a mine plan that achieves production goals and mitigates infrastructure risk by design. GMD provides a complete range of geotechnical and mine engineering consultancy services, and their involvement often begins with a review or audit for management assurance. Understanding the ground behaviour during production enables them to identify and address potential operational challenges within the mine plan.

Cornish Metals

Cornish Metals Inc. is a dual-listed company focused on advancing the South Crofty high-grade, underground tin project through to delivery of a feasibility study, as well as exploring its additional mineral rights, all located in Cornwall, SW England. The Company’s mineral rights have potential for the discovery of tin, copper, lithium, tungsten, zinc and silver mineralization.

South Crofty possesses one of the highest grade undeveloped tin resources globally, and has a very long history of mining, with first recorded production commencing in 1592, and continuing up until 1998.  

Tin, copper and lithium are fundamental to growth in the technology sector and the transition to a low carbon economy and are used in key fast growing technological applications including batteries, robotics, renewable power, 5G and cloud-based data storage.


Grinding Solutions Ltd (GSL)

test tubes full of orange liquid

GSL is an innovative and consultative company specialising in mineral liberation and separation working with clients across the world covering metalliferous, coal, industrial minerals, environmental and recycling industries. They approach client problems without preconceptions to help maximise their value and opportunities in order to meet the ever increasing global challenges that the mining industry faces.

They aim to increase mineral recoveries and reduce overall process costs through targeting the optimal process design and operation. Their services range from consultancy, metallurgical and mineral processing testing to onsite support and troubleshooting, product development and market evaluations.

This is just a small taste of what’s on offer in Cornwall and we’re here to help you take advantage of Cornwall’s mining opportunities – and, where necessary, to make your move into the region as seamless and productive as possible, so talk to our team today.

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