London Pain Clinic establishes an office in Cornwall

8th May, 2018

Newquay Beach

Tell us about London Pain Clinic:

Established in 2005, London Pain Clinic is headquartered on central London’s Harley Street. The clinic is dedicated to providing high quality chronic pain treatment and is home to some of the UK’s leading Pain Medicine Consultants who work with patients across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We are specialists in treating over 90 chronic pain conditions working across a spectrum of treatment from nerve root injections to physiotherapy and analgesic medications. Whether patients are suffering from musculoskeletal, neuropathic, or other types of pain we can help through the implementation of a bespoke plan, tailored to individual patient needs.

Due to business growth we’ve now expanded the business into Cornwall with the aim of growing a team to help sustain and drive the business forward – we have huge ambitions for the future.

Why Cornwall?

I moved to Cornwall three years ago and have been working for London Pain Clinic for the last five years. Although the medical team work directly out of the Harley Street Clinic the administration, including practice management, medical secretaries, administration, customer services and marketing is all done remotely due to the cost prohibitive nature of having office space in central London. Up until very recently the team have been dispersed across the country however we’re now recruiting in Cornwall to build our team and support our ambitious growth plans.

What does Cornwall offer the business?

When exploring the feasibility of setting up the administration of the business remotely (outside of London) I looked into the potential strengths within the region that could support business growth, I was surprised to uncover more than expected:

  • Overheads – As you’d expect, overhead costs are cut considerably when moving to a region like Cornwall. We are extremely fortunate to have secured workspace (with the view of expansion) at Mor Workspace in Newquay – enabling us to integrate with a ‘ready-made’ community of like-minded people. This not only benefits me (and future team members) but also provides countless opportunities to bounce ideas around, and the ability to collaborate with other local business and take advantage of the skills and expertise in the region.
  • Talent – There’s so much talent, we are already going through a recruitment drive and see no shortage of talent – in fact, we’re excited about being able to grow the team from one location.
  • Infrastructure – I still need to travel to London frequently to meet with the medical team so it’s crucial that I can do this easily, and quickly. Cornwall Airport Newquay is perfect, the flight is only 45 minutes and operates three times a day to London Gatwick. The commute from our Cornwall office to the Harley Street Clinic takes approximately 1hr 30minutes, door-to-door.
  • Connectivity – The rollout of Superfast Broadband has changed the face of Cornwall and, as a business, is something that we take advantage of on a daily basis – it was also a huge draw in attracting the business to the region, allowing us to easily engage with clients in the UK and overseas.

Plans for the future:

We have lots planned for the future, including growing our team in Cornwall to support the administration of the clinic, as well as establishing other sites throughout the UK for London Pain Clinic. We’re excited to see what Cornwall has to offer and are looking forward to growing our Cornwall based team at Mor Workspace.


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