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8th October, 2018

So much more than beautiful scenery

Cornwall is a popular destination for people from all industries and walks of life – both as a place to enjoy personally, and a place to do business. But what makes this corner of the UK so special? And what gives it such broad appeal to so many different people and companies?

The simple answer? There’s something truly fulfilling here for everyone.

A place where happiness and fulfilment are the everyday – not the end goal

Falmouth Cafe

The mildest and sunniest area in all the UK, Cornwall’s stunning geography and temperate climate affords residents the opportunity to experience the beautiful world around them however they choose. Whether you’re riding some waves, exploring the lush rural landscape or dining in world-class restaurants, Cornwall gives you countless opportunities to make “someday” today.

Here, productive work and enjoyable lifestyle collide, helping innovators across a huge range of industries find their balance – and inspiration – in surroundings that motivate and reinvigorate.

An incubator for skilled and creative talent

Since 2010, employment has risen by 108% in Cornwall’s creative technology sector alone. There are a couple of drivers behind this surge, but both are related to the availability and development of skilled and creative talent in Cornwall.

With a rich graduate pool supplied by Falmouth University, the University of Exeter, Truro and Cornwall colleges and neighbouring Plymouth University, Cornwall is teeming with talent.

Falmouth University in particular is one of the UK’s top arts universities and specialises in developing creative skills – helping to turn Cornwall into a top destination for creative and technology-led businesses, and those that want to work in the creative industries.

Workspaces to suit every need


Everybody’s dream workspace looks slightly different. Whatever it is you need to get from your premises, and whatever the dream home for your business looks like, you can find it in Cornwall.

From innovation centres in Pool, Tremough, and Truro, to coworking spaces such as The Hive in Bude and the Workbox in Penzance, there’s a wide variety of high-tech, customisable options available, in a huge range of locations. Whether you want to be in a hub of exciting activity relevant to your industry, or just have a beautiful, serene sea view, you’ll find a space perfectly suited to your personal and business needs.

1 hour to London. 5 minutes to the beach.


If you move to Cornwall from the hustle and bustle of a large urban area, the Cornish working lifestyle can feel an entire world away from what you’re used to.

Fortunately, thanks to strong rail links and a  direct flight that gets you to London in just over an hour, we’re exceptionally well connected to the rest of the UK and beyond. Wherever you need to be, there are reliable links from Cornwall to get you there.

A modern infrastructure, built to support today’s digital economy


Picture Cornwall’s verdant countryside and breath-taking coastline and chances are “digital connectivity” probably isn’t what comes to mind. But, just below the surface of our region’s beautiful landscape lies something else that’s drawing digital businesses to the region – world-class superfast broadband infrastructure.

The Superfast Cornwall programme was set up in 2011 and has since become the blueprint for Superfast Broadband projects across the UK. One of the best-connected places in the world, over 95% of Cornwall is covered by fibre broadband, including one third Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) connectivity, bringing speeds up to 330mbps.

A higher quality of life, at a pace chosen by you


Cornwall is famed for its high quality of life. With a stunning landscape, low crime rates and the space to find your own ideal work/life balance, it’s so much more than a great place to work – it’s a great place to be.

But there is one major misconception about work and life here – that everything operates at a slower pace. In reality, businesses that move to Cornwall don’t come here to slow down, they come here for a working environment where huge opportunities meet a high quality of life.

And it’s not just business owners that benefit from that quality of life. When employees live and work somewhere that they enjoy being, you get more from them – and increase your chances of retaining them for longer.

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Cornwall’s eclectic mix of work environments offers a variety of opportunities from collaborative seaside co-working spaces through to industrial workshops

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Cornwall’s businesses engage with and attract a highly motivated pool of professionals who are making the most of Cornwall’s unparalleled work/life balance

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Work hard. Play hard. Live well.

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Cornwall is home to a uniquely supportive and collaborative business community, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll feel it.

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Location & Connectivity

1 hour to London. 5 minutes to the beach. Up to 330 Mbps

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