A place to work. A place to live.

Today, we want more from life than just a 9 to 5 job. We want to work and live somewhere that offers us the lifestyle we desire. Somewhere we wake up and choose to be every single day. Somewhere that fundamentally, makes us happy.

As working patterns shift and highly-connected technology keeps us switched on outside of office hours, we’re all trying to find the perfect blend of work and life. In Cornwall, you can find your balance.

Here, a next generation lifestyle develops. Work and lifestyle converge in truly breath-taking surroundings. It’s a productive place to think clearly and do your best work when you need it, and a beautiful landscape characterised by a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle when you don’t

Quality of Life

A tranquil and revitalising environment that can help you and your employees switch off once the day is done

Food and Drink

With a range of Michelin Star restaurants, a growing independent street food scene, and fine dining options there’s something in Cornwall to satisfy the curiosity (and taste buds) of every foodie

Cornwall: A place to work, a place to live

Working in Cornwall isn’t about trying to turn your entire professional life into one long holiday. It’s about having the space and freedom to have highly productive days, within a tranquil and revitalising environment that can help you switch off when you’re done. 

We don’t believe that comfort leads to complacency. When you’re happier, you work better, and you see better results – making you happier still. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement that has empowered countless innovators throughout Cornwall’s history – and one that will inspire hundreds more. And the best part? It’s not just theory.

Find out why the UK’s leading crowdfunding website loves being in Cornwall

19th February, 2019

Crowdfunder is the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform and a real Cornish success story. The company, which now employs 30 staff, has raised more than £50 million for more than 16,000 projects across the country. The company’s mission is to ‘change the world by making good […]

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Talent in Cornwall

25th October, 2018

Today’s employees expect their workplace to be a good cultural fit, dynamic and inspiring with a purposeful focus that benefits both their business and society. For businesses based in Cornwall, the balance of work and play is part of their DNA – recognising that personal […]

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Cornwall’s eclectic mix of work environments offers a variety of opportunities from collaborative seaside co-working spaces through to industrial workshops

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Cornwall’s businesses engage with and attract a highly motivated pool of professionals who are making the most of Cornwall’s unparalleled work/life balance

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Finance & Funding

We work closely with various organisations to introduce your business to finance and funding opportunities throughout the region and beyond

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Work hard. Play hard. Live well.

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Cornwall is home to a uniquely supportive and collaborative business community, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll feel it.

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Location & Connectivity

1 hour to London. 5 minutes to the beach. Up to 330 Mbps

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Why invest in Cornwall?

If you’ve got questions about establishing your business here, or if you’d like to find out exactly how we can support you, get in touch today

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