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Set Up UK Company Non Resident

Set Up UK Company Non Resident

With your exploration of the UK complete and all relevant visas acquired, you can begin the process of formally creating your new UK-based business. This guide will outline how to set up a UK company if you are a non resident.

Deciding on the legal structure of your business

When you set your business up in the UK, you’ve got two options for the kind of entity it can be. The first, a UK Private Limited Company, is known as a subsidiary and is a distinct legal entity separate from your operations overseas. The second, a UK branch, is known as a UK establishment and is an extension of your existing company.

Both entity types have the same legal requirements and responsibilities, but there are a few distinguishing features you may want to consider when making the choice.


UK branches/establishments:

Learn more about UK entity types and registration at

Registering a new business at Companies House

Every new UK business is legally required to register with Companies House. The registration process is quick and can easily be completed online through the UK government website. Before you register, you’ll need:

Registering as an overseas company

As an established overseas organisation, you may be eligible to register with Companies House as an overseas company. This is a simpler process, and only requires the completion of one form.

To register as an overseas business, you must fill in form OS IN01 and send it to Companies House within 1 month of opening for business. Registering this way carries a charge of £20. The form and all relevant addresses and information can be found at 

You can find out more about setting up a business in the UK here.

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