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UK Workforce

UK Workforce

Hiring new people is an important part of growing your business in the UK. Wherever in the country you choose to establish your business, you’ll find world-class talent in the UK workforce that can help take your organisation to the next level.

The UK talent landscape

The UK is internationally-renowned for its diverse and highly-skilled talent. Numerous institutions and programmes come together here to both consistently empower and upskill the national workforce, and connect growing businesses with the talent they need, including:

Top universities and technical training

The UK is home to four of the world’s top 10 universities, and you’ll find exceptional education institutions in every corner of the country. But that’s just one aspect of the nation’s commitment to skills development and training.

Currently, the UK Government is working to establish a robust technical education system, and creating a National Retraining Scheme that will help UK residents develop essential digital skills – wherever they are in their career journey.

A world-famous apprenticeship programme

The UK has championed the apprenticeship model of skills development for decades, and today it remains one of the cornerstones of the country’s commitment to developing practical, valuable vocational skills.

Apprenticeships benefit both trainees and businesses – giving apprentices the chance to earn as they learn, and businesses financial support to provide essential training.

Learn more about the UK’s apprenticeship programme at  

Support to help get the right talent into the right roles

The UK boasts a strong recruitment infrastructure, with a large number of expert recruitment agencies available to help you find and recruit new people as you need them.

The UK Government even operates an Investment Support Directory that connects international businesses expanding into the UK with established organisations here, helping them access experienced advice on talent acquisition.

Learn more at

To find more information on the talent acquisition and hiring process in the UK, visit 

Access a wealth of incredible talent in Cornwall

When you establish your business in Cornwall, you’ll benefit from the UK’s exceptional national talent pool. And with a myriad of different industry clusters operating in the region, there’s a range of experienced, knowledgeable professionals to be found – from IT professionals to renewable energy specialists.

Plus, there are other advantages that can help simplify the search for the right people to recruit, including:

Local talent and employment programmes 

In Cornwall you’ll find multiple organisations that exist to help develop local talent and connect growing businesses in the region with the right new people – all accessible to businesses free of charge. Unlocking Potential is the best example of this, and has been developing both individuals and businesses through unique employment opportunities for nearly 20 years.

Learn more about Unlocking Potential at

A region that naturally attracts and retains great people

Cornwall’s natural beauty and unique lifestyle offering are a powerful talent magnet – attracting talented people of all ages to a region where they can find the ideal work/life balance.

With more jobs now able to be completed from virtually anywhere, Cornwall is seeing a significant influx of digital and creative talent. And between the extensive rollout of superfast broadband, and the possibility of working beside the sea, it’s easy to see why.

A connected ecosystem of businesses and universities

Cornwall is home to three university campuses, and numerous other further education institutions. Here, businesses and universities are constantly collaborating to bridge the gap between education and employment – making it simple to access skilled graduate talent across the region.

You can find out more about setting up a business in the UK here.

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