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Allen & Heath

Based on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Falmouth is Allen & Heath, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of audio mixing systems.
Established in 1969, the company’s clientele has included some of the biggest names in the music industry including Pink Floyd and The Who, and more recently Bring Me the Horizon, Fifth Harmony and Morrissey. Its products have been used on the stages of some of the biggest clubs, festivals and theatres around the world.

The brand represents a seal of quality within the audio industry and is at the forefront of technological innovation. Cornwall Trade and Investment’s Brand Consultant, Sophie, met with Managing Director Glenn Rogers to find out why the company’s entire research and development department remains firmly in Cornwall after almost 30 years.

“We mix art and science; being in Cornwall doesn’t change that.”

Glenn Rogers, Managing Director, Allen & Heath

The company is committed to developing high level jobs, having been amongst the first in the region to secure a grant from the South West Growth Fund in 2016 which contributed to creating 19 new roles.

“There are over 100 people on site, the majority of those are working on creating and innovating new products and marketing the brand globally.” A talented workforce plays a crucial role in ensuring that Allen & Heath remain at the forefront of innovation in a highly competitive, global industry. “We are always on the lookout for talent in our engineering and R&D teams, particularly new graduates, which is good for Cornwall as our brand attracts talent into the region.”

The Allen & Heath business model draws on the strengths of highly creative people using advanced technology from the world of IT and electronics to innovate products that keep pace with a constantly evolving entertainment industry.

“We combine performance and art and bring that experience together for the artist and the audience. It requires a continual process of breaking down barriers of what’s possible to ensure we remain at the forefront of a highly competitive and challenging industry.” The ability to think disruptively plays an essential part in keeping ahead, a mind-set that is shared by many businesses throughout Cornwall.

The region’s Creativetech sector in particular is permeated by a sense originality, entrepreneurialism and creativity, with many business people attributing the culture, the community and the ability to embrace the space of their surroundings.

“We chose Cornwall as a place of opportunity and there is an advantage to us being here. The people that we do attract like the lifestyle that it brings – so we have people who cycle to work, we’ve got people that do sailing, diving, windsurfing, horse riding. They are able to combine a challenging career with an enjoyable lifestyle so that’s worked well for us.”

Glenn Rogers, Managing Director, Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath is a multinational organisation and an industry leader. The decision to locate its creative hub in Cornwall speaks volumes for the region’s talent, resources and infrastructure.We always view our business as a global business and encourage our staff to think in the same way.”

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