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In recent years data consumption has exploded, and with it, the demand for superfast connectivity.
Everybody wants superfast broadband, whether to stream TV shows online and make online bill payments or for businesses to showcase their products and grow through implementing e-commerce functions.

The region has an appetite for growth and has embraced a next-generation mindset towards doing business, and positioning it amongst the most tech-enabled regions in the world – this includes a commitment to excellent connectivity.

The official definition of superfast broadband is internet connectivity which is 24 Mbps or above. For a number of people across the UK, speeds of 24 Mbps are still unreachable due to being in extremely remote areas where fibre broadband hasn’t reached yet. Thanks to the Superfast Cornwall programme, the region has some of the best connectivity in the UK, with 85% of premises able to access fibre broadband (including 30% FTTP (Fibre To The Premises), the best percentage of rural coverage in the UK) with plans for this to be extended to 90% superfast coverage by the end of 2019. This still means that there are occasional areas in Cornwall that, due to the geography of the region, are unable to get access to fibre broadband, or still experience slow broadband speeds, some even as low as 2 Mbps. Avanti Communications is addressing this shortfall through its Superfast Satellite programme. The scheme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and is using the £1.2 million grant to provide businesses across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly with superfast broadband speeds, enabling them to grow their businesses and access speeds of up to 40Mbps.

The project is being led from Avanti’s Goonhilly office, located at Goonhilly Earth Station, and provides subsidised broadband packages to eligible businesses across the region. This includes free equipment, subsidised installation and subsidised broadband tariffs, which offer a range of data packages for all user needs. We recently visited Avanti’s Goonhilly office to discuss the scheme and how it is helping businesses in the region to get connected and grow.

“Our Satellite broadband service can reach anywhere across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. With the ERDF subsided equipment, (simply a satellite dish outside, and a modem inside the premises) all that’s needed is to see the sky and businesses can be connected to superfast speeds! By deploying superfast satellite broadband Avanti is filling the gaps in connectivity and providing superfast connectivity to people who never thought they could receive it.”

Andy Williams, ERDF Project Coordinator at Avanti

The service from Avanti is provided through certified service providers, Bentley Walker and Europasat. Businesses can be connected within as little as 1 week and be up and running straight away. The installation process is quick and easy with a fast turnaround time.

While this may sound like relatively new technology being used for the provision of broadband, it is tried and tested worldwide. Avanti Communications provides connectivity to numerous big-name companies such as EE and Reuters and is one of the world’s leading providers of satellite data communications, working across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Satellite technology is extremely effective in the provision of services where traditional networks cannot reach and is able to provide high speeds of connectivity, no matter the location. As the UK is currently covered by around 95% of fibre networks, satellite is not widely used; however, for areas that are not supported by fibre, satellite is the perfect solution.

Cornwall’s commitment to having superb digital infrastructure is the reason that many tech-led businesses choose to move in the region and to run global operations. The services provided by Superfast Cornwall, Cornwall Trade and Investment, and now the Superfast Satellite project, make selecting a premises with superfast broadband extremely easy. “Cornwall is a great place to live. With continued investment in the region, and exciting new high-tech endeavours there is great potential for Cornwall to be the place for an excellent work/life balance.”

You can find out more information on the ERDF Superfast Satellite here.

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