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Managing one of the world’s largest undeveloped mining projects: Located in Eastern Cornwall, Cornwall Resources’ Redmoor project is a world-class resource of tin, tungsten and copper, making it an attractive economic prospect for the region.

The Cornwall Resources team is currently engaged in work to advance the project’s development and has so far completed over 14,000 metres of exploration drilling.

An area rich in mining history

The site of the Redmoor project has been the subject of extensive mining since Roman times, with work continuing until 1943 on lodes for lead, silver, tin, copper and tungsten. Further exploration work was carried out as recently as the 1980s.Today, the site is the largest undeveloped tin-tungsten underground mining project in the world, promising to re-establish Cornwall on the global mining map.

A significant tin-tungsten-copper resource of 11.7 Mt @1.17% tin equivalent (Sn Eq) tripled the contained metal content defined from previous work, and also provides exciting further potential both under and to the west of its highest-grade portions, presenting a valuable opportunity for investors.

A true part of the community

Cornwall has always been a mining county; there are traditions here that stretch back generations. For this reason, Cornwall Resources places community involvement and engagement at the heart of its practices. The company strives to ensure positive community engagement and has held an extensive number of community meetings as part of its Redmoor project.

These meetings have resulted in the development of innovative noise screening methods incorporating straw bales to shield local residents from the sound of drilling. As a result of these and other efforts, the project has received zero complaints – despite extensive drilling close to residential areas. The company also strives to hire staff and use contractors from the local community, helping people kick-start their mineral sector careers.

Environmental responsibilities

Cornwall Resources also places a great emphasis on minimising environmental impacts from its activities. Everyone from management to site-workers takes responsibility, to ensure that safe and appropriate procedures are followed, and any potential incidents are prevented at source.

Doing so involves a continuous assessment of risks and control measures, and a dedication to consistently meeting or exceeding the environmental, planning and regulatory conditions set out for each operation. These responsibilities and expectations are also shared with Cornwall Resources’ contractors and suppliers to help ensure projects are environmentally minded across their entire lifecycle.

The heart of UK mining

Cornwall remains one of the most heavily mined areas in the world, but is still one rich in resources and opportunities. The Redmoor project underlines this potential, presenting the ideal use case for systematic, modern exploration.

The abundance of resources aside, there are further advantages to Cornwall Resources being based in Cornwall. The county provides a stable jurisdiction with clear regulatory frameworks and a supportive local authority keen to see the industry flourish.

What’s more, Cornwall is home to a host of mining talent and expertise. Established in 1888, Camborne School of Mines provides a continuous pipeline of talented researchers and graduates, and is an internationally renowned university with expertise in resource extraction.

Combining these benefits with the regional presence of over 100 mining services companies, provides the perfect environment for Cornwall Resources to take the UK’s mining industry to the next level.

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