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Discover why Oregon-based technology provider ProGrAnalog expanded to Cornwall – and how the region is benefitting the company’s operations.

Cornwall has always been a compelling alternative for businesses looking to relocate outside the city, but for ProGrAnalog, it offered a convenient landing pad for the entire European market.

The Oregon-based provider of power testing solutions recently expanded to the UK, opening a second office at the Tremough Innovation Centre in Penryn. The move has unlocked new business opportunities for the company across Europe and provided access to new talent pools that will help the company’s growth.

Tremough Innovation Centre

From one technology cluster to another

ProGrAnalog’s key product, LoadSlammer, is a niche offering in the technology sector – helping companies test the power requirements of semi-conductors in the products they’re developing. And for many technology brands, equipment like LoadSlammer is critical for ensuring safe, reliable product performance of their products.

The demand for its product has helped ProGrAnalog secure major clients across the world, including big-name technology brands like Apple, AMD, Intel, and Xilinx. Operating in the Pacific Northwest of America, the company can easily serve key technology clusters like San Francisco – but due to time zone restrictions, it had limited access to the European and Asian markets.

ProGrAnalog's product Loadslammer

“We knew expanding to the UK would be a strategic move for the company, and Cornwall offered some valuable benefits that cities like London and Oxford couldn’t,” explains Rob Misselbrook, ProGrAnalog. “Our office space costs almost four times less than it would in the city, and we’re able to offer competitive salaries for our staff.”

And it’s not just low operating costs that benefit ProGrAnalog. In popular technology hotspots like San Francisco, experienced professionals are in high demand, and they’re often hard to source. But in Cornwall, there’s a thriving technology cluster with a skilled talent pool.

“The lifestyle in Cornwall has helped us attract some impressive talent to the company – people are looking for an alternative to commuting into the city. We’ve already hired a full-time sales role and part-time marketing role since setting up, and we’re planning on quickly expanding the team over the coming months.”

Ambitious plans for a new market

The region also offers ProGrAnalog everything it needs to successfully compete on a global scale. At the Tremough Innovation Centre, the company has support resources on-site and high-speed connectivity by Superfast Cornwall to keep its team connected with its international client base.

“The semi-conductor market is global, and our design work can be done from anywhere,” explains Rob. “It means we’re able to offer convenient remote working options for our team while remaining connected at all times.”

As ProGrAnalog continues to grow the UK side of its company, it hopes to collaborate with universities and other technology companies in the region. “Communities like Software Cornwall are helping to create a thriving technology sector in Cornwall, and we’re excited to be a part of it,” says Rob. “We’re confident it’s going to offer some strong collaboration opportunities in the future.”

If you’d like to find out how your business could thrive in Cornwall, get in touch with us today.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about ProGrAnalog, head over to its website, or take a look at LoadSlammer.

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