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Healthcare is becoming a global issue; the health ecosystem is undergoing a dramatic, fundamental shift.
Rising healthcare costs, increased demand on systems and growing, ageing populations are placing our health and social care systems under unprecedented pressure. As a region, Cornwall is responding to these challenges with the primary aim of improving healthcare through the adoption of innovative technology.

We believe Cornwall is uniquely placed to successfully overcome the challenges facing our health and care system. The region’s public services have the advantage of being geographically co-terminus whilst also encompassing a distinctive ecosystem comprising of one NHS Trust, one Clinical Commissioning Group and one local authority, providing a streamlined healthcare system and less red tape for businesses to navigate. These advantages, alongside a vibrant Higher Education Sector and business community, are driving Cornwall’s ambitions forward at pace, and, as an ecosystem of health and care we want to embrace the knowledge, research, drive and innovation that they bring.


Strikersoft, a Swedish IT company focused on the healthcare sector, have already found this out and are looking to Cornwall as an expansion opportunity in the UK. Tim Bray, VP Sales at Strikersoft said “Strikersoft have had a keen interest in the UK from its start, one of its first and largest customers is based in the UK. In many areas the UK is in the forefront of digitalization, with organisations that want to change and understand what is needed to do the transformation”.

When Kelly, Cornwall Trade and Investment’s Brand Manager, caught up with Tim and asked ‘Why Cornwall’ he stated “We see Cornwall as being one of the most progressive areas of UK, and there are a number of very interesting initiatives in eHealth. What we’ve found is a willingness to try new things, new thoughts and be open to new players and ideas. At the same time, organisations in Cornwall are of the right size to be able to act fast and avoid the inherent bureaucracy that is often found in London for example”. One area of expertise that Cornwall Trade and Investment is able to offer businesses is networking opportunities and direct introductions to key stakeholders in organisations throughout the region.

When Strikersoft visited Cornwall to explore the region as a possible next phase expansion for the business they were presented with a huge amount of interest in how the company’s technology could have the potential to help revolutionise healthcare and healthcare processes within the NHS in Cornwall.

“For the majority of the contacts, Cornwall Trade and Investment has a great list and matched us with good potential customers. We’ve got a large number of leads and have had several meetings with potential customers and partners in Cornwall – all provided by Cornwall Trade and Investment.”

Tim Bray, VP Sales, Strikersoft

Cornwall has, for decades, been renowned as a region for pioneering new technology and it continues to so today. Alongside this the region is internationally celebrated as the UK’s most popular holiday destination – predominantly due to its beautiful landscapes and white, sandy beaches. This environment lends itself perfectly to innovative, next generation businesses who are seeking the next generation lifestyle for their employees – offering the opportunity of freedom, escapism and rejuvenation. World leading businesses – such as Google – have always recognised the importance of a creative workspace and dedicate their success to engendering creativity at work. This style of working is ingrained in Cornish businesses from the start and those looking to expand into the region soon realise that they have unparalleled similarities in their approach to operating a business.

Like Strikersoft, a number of forward-thinking businesses are seeking out expansion opportunities across the globe for their business and their employees. Traditionally, expansion opportunities were sought in large, dominant cities–seen to be offering greater opportunities than smaller cities and peripheral regions. However increasingly, next generation businesses are exploring opportunities that offer creative escapism, places to think outside the norm and places that offer the perfect ingredients for growth; talent, connectivity, premises and access to clients. Cornwall can offer this in abundance offering exceptional talent, excellent connectivity (FTTP & Superfast Broadband) and world class universities. The added extra is the rich entrepreneurial heritage with envious lifestyle opportunities.

The Healthtech industry in Cornwall is growing, are you ready to be part of it?

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