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Operate at the forefront of your industry. Choose Cornwall.
Think you know Cornwall? Think again. Explore the industries shaping a new generation of opportunities and innovation in the region.
cornish sea salt lemon
Food & Drink

Cornwall’s food and drink sector spans far outside the region – offering worldwide opportunities.

Cornwall agritech

Agritech has been a part of Cornwall’s heritage for decades. Discover what keeps it growing today.

Health tech
Health Technology

With a distinctive demographic and state-of-the-art resources, Cornwall is the ideal gateway for the UK’s healthtech sector.

Nixon Design's studio, a warehouse with wooden beams and a large window.
Digital & Creative

As a creative alternative to the city, Cornwall offers one-of-a-kind opportunities, unique workspaces, and a thriving digital cluster.

A mine shaft photographed from below with the Cornish flag flying.

Mining has shaped Cornish lives and landscapes for centuries. And right now, the opportunities in our region are immense.

Energy & Climate

Cornwall’s unique climate and infrastructure provides bright opportunities for renewable innovation.

plane taking off
Space & Aerospace

Space and aerospace have quickly become a key part of Cornwall’s identity – and it’s a sector that just keeps growing.

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