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Food & Drink

A food and drink heritage that is globally renowned.
Whether it’s an iconic Cornish pasty, or some of the region’s fresh sea food you’ll find a part of Cornwall’s food and drink sector in every corner of the world.

An unmatched food and drink sector

Cornwall’s agricultural output contributes a significant amount to the £800 million food and drink export of the region.

With unique environmental assets and a focus on clean energy in its farming, Cornwall is seen as a pillar of the UK’s food economy.

A wealth of investment opportunities

Hosting a diverse range of food and drink brands – covering everything from luxury goods to fresh produce – Cornwall offers investment opportunities you can’t find anywhere else.

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Leading agricultural talent on your doorstep

From farmers to marine biologists, Cornwall’s colleges and universities produce a diverse range of talent that pushes its food and drink industry forward:

A world-renowned food and drink reputation

With luxury food brands like Rodda’s, Provenance Foods, Cornish Sea Salt and Tarquin’s Gin, Cornwall has a worldwide reputation for high-quality food and drink.

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