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For innovators in healthcare, Cornwall has a lot to offer. The UK’s most south-westerly region is an optimal environment for those wishing to use technology to revolutionise healthcare. Already home to a thriving cluster of disruptive, forward-thinking businesses, Cornwall has the infrastructure, the talent, and the resources that are fundamental to operating a world-class Healthtech business.

A streamlined healthcare system, with just a single NHS Trust, one Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and one local authority, makes the region an obvious choice for many looking to access the healthcare system in the UK. A more agile network of decision makers can allow businesses to focus more time on their product/service, and ultimately, the end user, in comparison to more complex structures often seen throughout the rest of the UK and Europe. Furthermore, Cornwall’s dispersed pockets of ageing and rural patients make it a realistic landing pad for healthcare technology businesses.

Cornwall is nurturing the growth of its creative technology sector and as a result the health technology ecosystem in the region is rapidly evolving, allowing businesses to tap into a skilled, ambitious and collaborative supply chain. The region’s talent pool is fed by a stream of highly qualified medical graduates, many of whom are educated at Exeter University’s Cornwall campus, The Knowledge Spa, which focuses on a range of research and academic courses centred on health and medicine through a network of industry revered academic bodies.

Cornwall is also home to the UK’s number one Arts University, Falmouth University. The university is educating the next generation designers and developers and providing an exceptional pool of talent for those seeking innovative, creative minds to drive their technology-led businesses forward. Falmouth University is internationally renowned for cultivating creativity and innovation and for challenging its’ students to think differently, encouraging visionary ideas and entrepreneurialism.

Current projects, including the continued investment in the Internet of Things, is modernising the way that rural communities – such as those on the Isles of Scilly – live, increasing the communities control over their healthcare, increasing efficiencies and reducing cost. Alongside this, there are a number of unique health and wellbeing projects being delivered throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly providing rare and exclusive opportunities to access desirable demographics and organisations.

Our aim is to lead the way in the health technology revolution and we are on the cusp of achieving this. If you want to find out more and help us push the boundaries of eHealth even further, get in touch.


Internationally the health technology sector is growing at a rapid rate with numerous businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs already transforming the health and care system. Although health technology is still an emerging market surprisingly for some, Cornwall has been leading the way in the development of […]


For forward thinkers in Healthtech Cornwall has a lot to offer. The UK’s most south westerly region is an ideal location for those wishing to revolutionise healthcare with technology led devices and services. Already home to a thriving cluster of disruptive and forward thinking businesses, […]


Healthcare is becoming a global issue; the health ecosystem is undergoing a dramatic, fundamental shift with rising healthcare costs, increased demand on systems and growing, ageing populations placing our health and social care systems under unprecedented pressure. As a region, Cornwall is responding to these […]

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Cornwall’s eclectic mix of work environments offers a variety of opportunities from collaborative seaside co-working spaces through to industrial workshops

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Cornwall is home to a uniquely supportive and collaborative business community, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll feel it.

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1 hour to London. 5 minutes to the beach. Up to 330 Mbps

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