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In Cornwall, we’re ushering in a new era of possibility in space technology and attracting the most visionary minds in the global space science industry.

Home to Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd (GES Ltd), Cornwall has a rich history and long-established expertise in the Spacetech industry, from pioneering the first transatlantic satellite communications over Telstar in 1962 to working on the very latest lunar and deep-space missions today. Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd is the world’s most capable satellite earth station providing global satellite operators with a range of communications services including Broadcast, TT&C and carrier monitoring. The site is also a government-designated Enterprise Zone offering Spacetech sector businesses tax breaks and planning freedom. Located strategically at the UK’s most southern point, Goonhilly Enterprise Zone is the perfect place for any Space business to grow and be a part of Cornwall’s Space Science Centre.

The space technology industry in Cornwall is supported by a diverse and highly skilled talent pool including rocket and propulsion engineers, future flight developers and many downstream businesses and supply chain companies. Technical training courses hosted at Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd regularly attract international developers and Cornwall has excellent local industry and education institutes including the University of Exeter and the South West Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications (SWCoESA). The centre works with companies from a range of sectors including Marinetech, Healthtech, Agritech, cyber-security and transport to maximise the business opportunities presented by satellite data. Uplink and downlink speeds in Cornwall are among the fastest anywhere in the UK with businesses at Goonhilly Enterprise Zone benefiting from speeds up to 100Gbps.

Cornwall’s location and existing space technology businesses make it the perfect place to offer a UK satellite launch solution and Cornwall Airport Newquay is among the preferred sites to be a UK Spaceport by 2020. No other site in the UK can offer the complete industry solution Cornwall can from design, manufacture, mission control, communications and launch, making us an attractive option for partners looking for low-cost access to space.

If you’re looking to grow your space technology business, or if your business could benefit from the reams of opportunities presented by Cornwall’s unique access to space and satellite data, get in touch and join us at the UK’s gateway to space.



Cornwall’s Goonhilly Earth Station is the UK’s gateway to space exploration; it’s the heart of commercial satellite and deep space communications.

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