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Living and Working in Cornwall

Living and Working in Cornwall

When you establish your business in Cornwall, you gain all of the benefits of operating in the UK – plus some amazing lifestyle advantages from living and working in Cornwall that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cornwall brings the innovative spirit and exceptional connectivity of the city together with an incredible natural landscape that’s been attracting skilled talent and business leaders to the region for hundreds of years.

Quality education for all ages

In Cornwall, you’ll find more than 250 schools serving pupils aged 5-18 – many of which are rated as excellent by Ofsted. So, whether you’re bringing your family with you to the UK, thinking about starting one in the near future, or just looking for a source of skilled young talent, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Low cost of living

With an average cost of living well below that found in major cities, and lower house prices than the national average, Cornwall is an affordable place to live and work – making it a popular option with exporters looking to reduce their overheads while still reaching a global market.

A culture shaped by the sea

As a peninsula, there’s no inland area in Cornwall that’s more than 20 miles away from the sea. That’s had a major impact on the region’s culture and lifestyle offering. Whether you’re interested in surfing on your lunch break, seeing miles of coastline from your office window, or just looking for somewhere you can enjoy open space and the outdoors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy about Cornwall’s coast.

Productive when you’re working – peaceful when you’re not

Thousands of professionals choose to live and work in Cornwall because it enables them to balance work and life perfectly. During the work day, you’ll be part of an ambitious, growing community of innovators, directly connected to the rest of the world. Then, when you’re relaxing, you’ll find incredible spaces to clear your mind, enjoy an active lifestyle, and stay at your creative best.

Exploring Cornwall and the UK

Before you start making any solid plans for establishing your business in Cornwall – or anywhere in the UK – first you need to explore the region and the opportunities it has to offer. 

The ideal landing location in the UK won’t just be cost-effective and well-connected, it should provide all of the space, support and resources you need to grow. At Cornwall Trade and Investment, we help companies exploring and evaluating Cornwall as a destination for their business to look beyond basic facts like potential operating costs, and find the ideal place to grow by identifying success factors including:

Industry clusters and communities

Major enterprise zones like Cornwall’s Aerohub, Marine Enterprise Hub and Goonhilly Enterprise Zone go a step further, providing physical clusters where businesses in associated industries can grow alongside one another. Those zones also provide valuable tax breaks and government support, as well as purpose-built locations for the kinds of technical work undertaken by businesses in those spaces.

Communities and clusters like this exist right across Cornwall, so it’s well worth taking the time to see if there’s a group or location that could help your business grow and thrive in the UK.

Dedicated support opportunities

Financial support and funding are hugely important to the success of growing businesses. In Cornwall, you’ll find a wealth of general and industry-specific support to help your business thrive in the region – and successfully export from it.


The location and premises you choose for your business can have a huge impact on your success. Whether you simply need a cost-effective space to grow, or you’re looking to connect with other businesses and join a thriving community, you’ll find something to suit you in Cornwall.

From industry-specific clusters and hubs, to purpose-built innovation centres – and a broad range of private enterprise properties – there’s a lot to choose from. Get a closer look at what’s on offer over on the workspaces page of our website: 

Access direct exploration support

There’s no better way to explore the opportunities in a region than by visiting and experiencing them for yourself. If you want to explore Cornwall and the opportunities within it, we can help. 

Contact the Cornwall Trade and Investment team today and we’ll let you know how we can help you get closer to the region, and find out what’s here for you.

You can find out more about setting up a business in the UK here.

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