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Exploring the UK as a place for your business? We can help.

This month, we’re heading to Helsinki for the world’s leading startup event, Slush. If you’re going too, we’d love to meet you there.

At Cornwall Trade and Investment, we provide free support to help companies set up, grow and succeed in Cornwall’s thriving business community*. We support businesses establishing themselves in Cornwall by helping them to find their ideal location, introducing them to local networks, highlighting funding opportunities – and generally offering the advice they need to make the process as straightforward as possible.

As a popular UK holiday destination, Cornwall offers businesses a unique work/life balance, complete with stunning beaches and scenery for nature lovers, and extreme sports for thrill-seekers. Add to this some comparatively low overheads, a skilled talent pool, and a collaborative community, and it’s easy to see why businesses (and their employees) thrive in the region.

Join Cornwall’s business community

Whether you’re a startup or scale-up, a long-established company seeking support moving to the UK, or an investor looking for your next great opportunity – we’d love to talk to you. The tech community in Cornwall is rapidly expanding, and now is a great time to become a part of it.

What does Cornwall’s business community look like? Well, we’ll be bringing eight of the county’s leading tech businesses to Slush with us…

Meet Cornwall’s innovators

Data Duopoly: Data Duopoly is a Cornwall-based startup from the Launchpad incubator that has created a revolutionary new visitor experience solution. Tackling the issue of congestion and frustrations at attractions, Data Duopoly’s platform offers visitors personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues in certain ways, re-distributing footfall to improve everyone’s experience.

Codices: Codices is building the next generation of live interactive shows. The company’s talented team, who’ve previously worked on such hits as Big Brother and HQ Trivia, have now developed Quiz Kit – a gameshow creation tool. Already embraced by over 1,500 monthly active broadcasters and over 350,000 active viewers on twitch, it’s now being used by some of the world’s largest media companies.

Comity: Comity is a community-driven alternative to insurance. Its first product is especially for cyclists – helping them to save together towards their bicycle cover.

Headforwards: Headforwards is an outsource software development company. It’s focused on Agile principles and long-term partnerships, creating dedicated teams that collaborate to meet client needs. With over 100 software professionals across a wide range of technology stacks, Headforwards shares technical knowledge throughout its business to support bespoke, highly efficient services.

HUG: HUG is a platform that helps employers support their employees. It offers holistic, real-time analysis of employee wellbeing, and helps organisations to match benefits to employee needs. With employee feedback via HUG’s four core modules – Mind, Money, Health and Engagement – HUG offers employers both up to-the-minute insights, and a clear view of the impact of interventions over time.

Microcomms: Microcomms provides a comprehensive range of convergence technologies and IT services to all sectors. It helps organisations adopt and integrate solid technology platforms that increase efficiency, boost their ability to communicate, and support greater collaboration.

SeeFood: SeeFood LTD is a Cornwall-based software development company that specialises in creating innovative solutions to eliminate unnecessary food waste – all the way from farm to fork. It’s currently developing a food inventory and recipe app designed to help students simplify food management, encourage healthy eating, and save money by reducing food waste.

Bad Wolf Horizon: Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd. has quickly become the market leader for creative B2B drone services in the South West. In a time when almost anyone can buy a drone, Bad Wolf Horizon aims to stand out from the crowd and push the technology forward. The team is disrupting the drone industry by offering a range of unique services from aerial photography and film production, to drone live streaming and 360 virtual reality drone filming.

See you in Helsinki!

If you want to meet our team, find out more about Cornwall, or get to know Cornwall’s tech sector, be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn, email info@cornwallti.com, or find us on the Slush Matchmaking tool!

The team attending Slush: (Find us on LinkedIn):

Nicola Lloyd – Director of Cornwall Trade & Investment

Kelly Trelease – Head of Brand & Marketing

Abi Rule – Trade & Investment Manager

*Cornwall Trade & Investment support for your business is considered to be State Aid. Cornwall Trade & Investment and you, as the beneficiary, are required to keep a record of the time and related cost of providing support to you.



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