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The Power of Cornwall

Harnessing the power of Cornwall is essential to the UK’s journey to net zero; the region presents the UK with a concentration of investment opportunities and a unique chance to achieve its green ambitions.

The effects of climate change are taking hold and a global focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions is imperative. Having committed to addressing the climate crisis with a 2050 Net Zero target, the UK needs innovative green technology to decarbonise its economy, and Cornwall is perfectly placed to deliver.

For many centuries, Cornwall has capitalised on its natural resources: agricultural land covering three quarters of the region, over 400 miles of coastline, and a wealth of metals and minerals below the surface.

The region’s rich heritage and natural capital mean it has both the experience and environment to power the future with green alternatives and move from a peripheral region relying on a visitor economy, to become one of the UK’s leading energy providers.

Generations of innovation and enterprise in mining, maritime and agriculture, and burgeoning expertise in digital skills, data and technology mean Cornwall is well placed to drive the UK’s green agenda. The renewable solutions on offer in Cornwall all rely on responsible stewardship of the natural resources available in the region. Cornwall offers a coherence and circular economy that does not exist elsewhere. Cornwall provides the opportunity to have one geographical area of focus with an abundance of resources to power the Green Industrial Revolution.

There are few regions where so many investment opportunities come together in one place.

We are actively seeking discussions with industry, policy makers and government leaders.

We have a real opportunity to ensure the UK achieves net zero in a way that is sustainable and responsible: a strong, domestic supply chain with minimal carbon footprint.

Cornwall’s ground-breaking companies are working in unison to use the unique cluster of natural resources readily available in the region, to create a greener future.

Arial view of the Eden Project Biomes

The power of Cornwall: a region key to the UK’s net zero ambitions

Floating offshore wind turbine in the sea

How Cornwall is leading the floating offshore wind revolution

mine worker walking through underground tunnel

Cornwall’s mining heritage is set to fuel the UK’s drive to sustainability

Below ground, Cornwall sits atop a bounty of tin, tungsten and copper, and one of the five known most lithium-enriched bodies of granite in the world. These metals are essential components in many of today’s rapidly growing clean energy technologies, and the expanse of granite can produce renewable geothermal baseload heat and power.

On land, Cornwall is pioneering energy-rich, renewable biofuels, produced by capturing the harmful gases usually released into the atmosphere.

Out to sea, the region boasts one of the best wind resources in Europe and is in a leading position for the large-scale development of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea.

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